Rex 2901 Base Liquid Klister, 60ml

2901 REX Base Liquid Klister - same properties as 290 Base klister, but in new liquid form. Binder for klisters and kick waxes. Gives great adhesion and increases wear resistance for waxing. An easy way to achieve a perfectly even and thin layer of base klister without getting your hands dirty.
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Packaging: 60 ml
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2901 REX Base Liquid Klister - same properties as 290 Base klister, but  in new liquid form. Popular klisters are now available in liquid form. It has been never this easy to apply a perfectly even and thin layer of klister. Racing Service guys loved using these so they are entering production! The klister itself is just the same as REX Base Klister, only the application method is different.

  • As the layers are thin, liquid klisters are best suited for classic skis with a low wax chamber
  • Liquid klisters can be used on top of hard waxes on icy tracks, can be applied while skiing without drying!
  • Easy and tidy to apply, no heating and smoothing
  • For achieving thick layers and skis with high wax chamber (klister skis), we recommend using traditional klisters.
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